Friday, October 4, 2013

Inky Paws Challenge #3, Mom Edition

I'm back already with another post- this time featuring my mom's card creation for the Inky Paws Challenge #3 over at Newton's Nook Designs.  

Here's the sketch we were given: 

My mom really wanted to use the little owl witch when we sat down to work on these cards.    I think she did a great job coloring in the cute owl and candy corn, and I really like her color combinations.  It's such a cute card!

Trick or Treat!

Please note: Per Stampin' Up's new competitive policy on 7/2/13, I must disclose that I am not receiving any compensation for any purchases made from from Newton's Nook Designs.


  1. Thanks for the entry to our Inky Paws Challenge! This is so cute! I love how the owl looks like she's dancing around the candy!